Dutch Vice Minister for the Environment Roald Lapperre gets first copy of ‘7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success’

California and the Netherlands share a strong relationship in creating a more sustainable world and addressing global climate change.  Besides facing similar challenges due to the effects of climate change, they also share knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions. The Dutch Trade Mission on Sustainable Mobility, Resiliency and Circular Economy to California, led by the Minister for the Environment Stientje van Veldhoven (later replaced by Vice Minister for the Environment and International Affairs Roald Lapperre) from 11 – 16 November 2019 was a great example of this. The program included inspiring speakers, field visits to the major players in respective fields, conferences such as the BSR conference in San Jose, and many visits to companies and governments to present the book and connect with Californian counterparts.

Part of the program was also a high level Holland Trade Dinner in the California Academy of Sciences with more than 200 guests. At this event the Dutch Vice Minister of Environment Roald Lapperre received the first copy of the book from the author, Carola Wijdoogen (picture).


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