Free 7 Roles course at First IFMC International Week The Hague

Tuesday February 11th Carola Wijdoogen will be lecturing at the 1st IFMC International Week 2020 hosted by the International Financial Management and Control program of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Free registration for students!
The goal of the International Week, which will be held from Monday 10 February until Friday 14 February, 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands is to promote international studies and awareness of cultural diversity among students and partner lecturers and facilitators. A wide range of courses are offered by IFMC and its international partners as well as several social events during the day and in the evenings. IFMC lecturers and visiting lecturers from partner universities lecture various topics which are connected to finance & control and international studies. The participants of the International Week are IFMC students and students from our partner universities. Carola Wijdoogen will offer the interactive course ‘Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability’, which is about transforming organizations in sustainable, responsible and future proof companies. It focuses on: ‘Why should companies engage in sustainability strategies and what does it take to put those strategies in action”. Next to a theoretical framework it will be based on the book of Carola Wijdoogen ‘7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success’, and her personal experience as a Chief Sustainability Officer of the Dutch Railways. During the course she will discuss with students- as change agents of the future – what roles and skills are needed to transform an organisation in a sustainable company.

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