“7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success” currently available, formal launch on October 6th 2020

The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, presents a significant challenge for the entire world. Due to the measures to fight the virus, we had to make a new planning for publishing and distribution of “7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success“. The book will be available from June  2020 in Europe and from October 2020 in the rest of the world, after its formal launch on October 6th, 2020.

Different from the Dutch Original “MVO doe je Zo” (published in 2016),  the NEW international edition uses the latest best practices and learnings from sustainability managers and experts from international companies operating in different parts of the world.  The book includes practices of sustainability professionals of Microsoft, Google, Interface, SIFCA Group, Randstad, Unilever, Dow, Philips, KPN, Kellogg Company, Arcadis, PwC, Levi’s, Tommy Hillfiger, Rabobank, and the Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels limited and contributions of experts from Singularity University, Yale SOM and Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

The international edition uses the method of the 7 Roles, allowing you to read the book from cover to cover, or to focus on specific sections. Every job is different, there isn’t a fixed set of roles or activities that applies to all sustainability professionals. CSR or sustainability professionals who fulfill only one or a few of the 7 roles can easily find the roles or activities relevant to them.

Todd Cort, Lecturer in Sustainability at Yale SOM about the book: “As sustainability becomes more and more central to the operations and strategies of companies, the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer becomes ever more critical and ever more systems-based. Carola guides as through the nuances, challenges and skills that are central to any CSO role today”


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